Farmers Grain Export

Who are we

Farmers Grain Export is a platform created to support the Finnish cereal sector, small cooperatives, farm related export companies and active dedicated farmers in their attempts to export high quality raw material (cereals) for human or animal consumption abroad.

We follow the principle of “farm friendliness”; which means that our priority is to look for the best interests for the farmers.



The aims are:

1) Making it easy
By opening up an international network facilitating information and contacts in the search of clients in foreign countries

2) Connecting

Establish an export organization that can help farmers, their companies and cooperatives to export abroad and to find new markets.

3) Knowledge
Teach farmers to read the international market to produce according to what is needed in quantity and quality.



We search and find information and current data needed, as well as guide farmers through the process with their potential future clients by making available:

1) Advice and training:
We organize seminars for farmers in which we inform about the agriculture, customs, market and export possibilities in different countries

2) Network:
Help to find possible contacts to export in the targeted countries

3) Market opportunities:
Seek information about the real opportunities and risks of doing business in another country